The first steps toward a healthier mind and body!

Studies show that kids solidify their eating habits by about the third grade. To ensure kids develop good habits, we’ve developed a toolkit to help teach them.

Learn to make healthy choices.

Our program, Y5210, was created to teach kids healthy choices and remind them that every day, they should consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, have 2 or less hours of “screen time,” 1 hour of exercise and 0 sugar-sweetened drinks.

Everything you need for change.

Our Y5210 program uses in-class student information sheets, activity sheets and challenges to teach kids about the importance of exercising and eating right. Students will enjoy learning about different exercise and food ideas, as well as completing seek-and-finds and coloring sheets on 12 different concepts.

Each student will also receive a take-home challenge that will extend their learning and that of their family.

Break up the day and get moving!

A two disc DVD set leading you and your class through a ten minute in-class exercise is included, along with an exercise band for you and your students. Additionally, kids can track their progress each week by filling out their program tracking poster, which is large enough to hang on your classroom wall.

Measurable, positive results.

We’re not only concerned with getting information about healthy choices out to kids and parents, but we also want to make sure they understand it and make healthy choices a part of their daily lives.

We’ve developed pre-test and post-test surveys for both students and parents to help us, and you, gauge the eating and exercise habits of your class. Learning what they do in school and at home will help us all to create a better lifestyle for our kids!

Teacher support for easy use.

Weekly informational sheets have been developed for teachers to guide you through the details of the program. Each week the concepts to be addressed are detailed to help you explain the specifics to your classroom. Additionally, keys are provided to the coloring and seek-and-find activity sheets.

Each kit also includes a survey geared to teachers so that we can continue to include your ideas and feedback into our program.