If you're looking for measurable results and positive change, then
our Y5210 program is the answer!

In the 2010-2011 school year, results were gathered from 95 classrooms participating in our program. Teachers reported that 59% of students completed every single challenge the program offers, and 61% of teachers strongly agreed or agreed that student concentration levels increased after program sessions.

In a downloadable PDF, view the student and parent understanding and behavior change before and after participating in the Y5210 program (pre-test and post-test)

Program Results

Teachers love Y5210:
“I think this program is wonderful! The students love it, and it is a great way to get in some exercise in the colder months when we can’t get outside. The parents enjoy participating with their children when completing the home activities.”
–Y5210 Participating Classroom Teacher

“This program helps kids get excited about exercising! The videos are fun and upbeat and the program is teacher friendly. It is easy to incorporate the program during the day, especially during the colder months when outside recess is limited!”
–Y5210 Participating Classroom Teacher

Students and parents alike love Y5210 as well!
“What I like most about Y5210 is all the exercise. I like how they told us to look at labels. I like how we had to list the vegetables we ate.”
–Y5210 Student Response

“We have started getting ready for anew life change for the family. We are getting active and fit together.”
–Y5210 Parent Response

“What I like about this program is that it's fun and active. Also what I like about this program is that is tells you how to eat healthy and how to take good care of your body.”
–Y5210 Student Response

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